Recurring Payment

Membership Payment Processing

Recursion handles recurring membership payments for your makerspace.

Allowing you to focus on growing your space.

Device Control

Equipment Control

Recursion provides equipment use oversight.

Allowing you to individually control access to tools and equipment. Keeping your members safe.



The Recursion platform grows as your space grows.

Handle everything from equipment training courses to zone/tool reservations all on one platform.


Easily manage your membership.

Explore makerspaces within the Recursion Network.

Built by MAkers, for Makers...

Recursion is the first management platform built specifically for Makerspaces. We understand the unique operating challenges makerspaces face. Our management platform covers the essential requirements of makerspaces, from membership payment processing to managing equipment access.


For Makerspaces


One Platform

One place to manage all the essential operations of your Makerspace.

Hosted on the Cloud


Membership Identification Cards



Set your membership rates and Recursion takes care of the rest.

Equipment Management

Add a physical layer of control to prevent members from using equipment they have not been trained on. Maintain accountability by tracking members access to tools and equipment.

Explore Apps

Customize with the modules suited to running your makerspace. Integrate equipment safety training, class registration, volunteer registration, and more.


Equipment Nodes


ensure that only trained individuals are able to Operate equipment

Every makerspace wants to offer the best tools and equipment to their members. But often the aspect of safety is a concern. Not just for the members but also for the equipment.

Our equipment nodes ensure that only members that have been approved to operate a specific tool or pieces of equipment can do so safely. While at the same time keeping less experienced or untrained members off. 



Tier 1

< 25 Members


  • Access of Recursion Network

Tier 2

25 < 75 Members


  • Access of Recursion Network
  • Custom Printed ID Card
  • Discount On Modules
  • Discount On Nodes

Tier 3

< 75 Members


  • Access of Recursion Network
  • Discount On Custom Printed ID Cards
  • Includes Equipment Safety Course Module
  • Discount On Nodes

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